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Music is Worth 1,000 Pictures...

 So that's like, what, 100,000,000 words? I don't know, I didn't really think that one through. Just like I didn't think this gift through! Haha, the similarities are really quite stunning. Lots of pictures and videos in this, and also it's my first time so I might be breaking all of the unwritten rules, so I put a cut in. I hope that's alright.

I promised my best friend that I would make her a mixtape, since she promised to draw me something I've been wanting to see forever (what it is isn't the important part though). So I had a starting place for the mixtape, and I was going to centere it around this song

Normally I don't have problems making mixes and stuff, but so far I only have three tracks planned out:
Tables and Chairs by Andrew Bird  
Sweet is the Night by Electric Light Orchestra
Du bist gut zu Vögeln by Stereo Total*

*Note on the German song: My German is spotty in places, and although I think I've understood the basic meaning of this song, the singers are French and some words have tripped me up. If it means what I think it means, I'd like to keep it in, but if any fluent German speakers know what it means and I'm actually listening to a song about a crazy man with a bird fetish  then oh lord please tell me haha.

Obviously, that's not enough. I'm shooting for about 13-15 tracks, and I want them all to have a sort of soft indie-pop/electronica feel to them. My friend's name is Kenna, and she's an artist. She loves birds, colors, me (of course) and, hilariously enough, music. Her favourite band is Electric Six, but I'm not really going to use any of their songs (people familiar with them probably understand why). We've been friends for about four years. Personality-wise, she's a very selfless person. She often goes out of her way to make her family and those close to her feel happy and content, and puts herself in second place too often.

She's extremely talented, but hates undermining others and our other friends sometimes have a habit of taking advantage of that by guilt tripping her or holding her achievements up to their own failures to make her feel bad. I'm half doing this because I promised, and also to show her that I appreciate her for who she is, not just what she does for other people. It's difficult to describe to someone who doesn't go through the same thing what it's like to feel extremely self-conscious and inferior to practically everyone you meet or know. For those that understand that feeling, Kenna and I have been struggling with it together for many years. She has a lot of the same anxiety and worries that I do, and we both feel the need to "keep everyone together" even if it's at our own discomfort. I'd like to show her how much she means to me, not just as a friend or an artist or a fandom buddy or a reader to my writing, but as a person.  I think I can accomplish this with a simple mixtape (I have always been a woman of pride, though), and if anyone has song recommendations or a translation of this song, I'd be beside myself with relief. 
Obviously this present means a lot to me, and I want it to mean a lot to her, so I wrote a lot. Here's the cover art I made, if it helps at all.

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I'm sorry if this is like weirdly too specific or personal, but I need some help! I don't know when she wants it, but I'd like to have more than three tracks done by the time she gets back from visiting her family out of the state xD

Thanks in advance <3