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baby gift

Hi all,
My very best friend is pregnant and neither she or her boyfriend have any sisters so I'm basically filling in as the baby's aunt. She's having a girl and I really want to get her a meaningful gift that she'll have for a long time. I don't want to just get her clothes or toys that she can only use when she's a baby. My friend's mom is already making a blanket so I can't do that, and her family is Catholic so I assume she'll be getting a nice cross necklace from someone else. Any ideas for something special? Thanks!

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Old Board Games

Yesterday was a friend's birthday. We have a tradition of giving each other silly things.

I wanted to share what I got her, perhaps it'll help some other people!

I've been getting into eBay lately. On eBay I got her a panda hat, and an iron on transfer for a tshirt, that's got The Mighty Boosh on it in cartoon style, drawn by the seller. I also bought her a boardgame on eBay, since she loves them... got her an old 'Care Bears' game for children. :D It also came with another game, a vintage Kerplunk game so I gave her that as well. I also bought her some coasters that are glow in the dark and look like 'radioactive leaks'.

I think she really liked it! :D


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Quick and Home Made

Do you have any hand made gift ideas, that only take up to an hour to make? (Would prefer around half an hour).

Mother's Day

Don't forget that if you need Mother's Day gift help, this comm will help you out! :)


What are you giving for Valentine's Day?
Or, what would you give if you had someone to give to? Or what was the best thing you've ever received for it?

Valentines Gifts For Men

It doesn't have to be hugely 'manly' or anything, but what kinds of gifts would you give to the men in your life for Valentines' day? Let's get some ideas going!
What kinds of Valentines gifts could you make for men?

Valentine's Day

So, Valentine's Day is coming up.  I tend to be more 'serious' in my relationships, and I've been joking with my boyfriend that whatever I get him will look like "Valentine's Day got really drunk and puked the next morning, glitter and pink everywhere."  I need some suggestions for really cheesy gifts, or really sentimental ones (or a combination!)  I'm in the brainstorming phase, so all suggestions will be appreciated.  This is the first time I've shared a Valentine's Day with a serious boyfriend, so I'm not sure what to get.

Also, our one year anniversary is on Valentin's Day (gross,) and we're celebrating the two things apart.  How should a VDay gift vary from an anniversary gift? This is my first one year anniversary with a dude. Thanks!
For the most part I was pretty lucky with gifts this year, my folks stuck to my wish list and most of my family and friends know me well enough to get me stuff they know i'll like.

But then there's always that one gift that kind of sucks... now I'm never sure how to react to a bad gift, you don't want to hurt the givers feelings, then again if you express too much like, I fear ending up with a series of similar gifts. My mother would never tell the teacher she helps that she doesn't eat nuts, as a result would get a box of ferrero rocher every year!
Well I got this awful brooch - I don't wear brooches anyway, but it's enormous, and seemingly supposed to be a slice of a rock I think, but it's bright purple and plastic : / How to react? I just kind of looked at it for a while trying to work it out whilst wearing a slight smile, fortunately the same person had got me another present, with a little trepidition I opened the next one, glad of the distraction from the first gift but dreading the second might be something similar, perhaps a matching necklace! I breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out to be a gorgeous picture frame, this I could gush over, and I did.

That got me to thinking, I wonder if she realised that because I was so enthusiastic over the frame that I wasn't so over the brooch? Maybe this then is the way to react when a bad gift is given, praise the other better gift!

So what does everyone else do when they get a 'bad' gift?

The other thing I was wondering about was how do others feel about re-gifting?

I have no problem with people re gifting stuff I've given to them, I mean if it's not quite their thing, why not? Then the gift isn't a burden, and I would hate for something I'd given to just be stored just out of duty.
I also re gift myself, although I would only re gift something to someone I thought would deffinately appreciate the thing I don't  (the afore mentioned brooch will not be regifted).

However last christmas I did manage to recieve back from the person I'd given them to, two of the birthday presents I'd given her the same year!
I think this is an important lesson to be learnt... if you're going to re gift, please keep track of who gave you the thing in the first place!