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My boyfriend's birthday is in a month and today i found out that what i had planned to give him was not really of that much interest to him. So now i am again stuck with only two bottles of his fav booze. I want to give him something more but i don't really know what it should be. 

Pretty much when we started seeing eachother i began writing this journal about things we do together and how i feel about him etc. I planned to give that to him for his birthday but i now want to wait until Christmas as i think the atmosphere will be better for that then. His birthday is about partying with his friends but Christmas will probably consist of me, him and his closest family. Much more the right atmosphere for giving the quite personal journal to him then. 

So.... what else should i do? 
His main interests are: american football (but he only very rarely have time too see matches and... the local teams aren't that good anyway. He loves the Superbowl), the viking age, history, folk stories about ghosts and other mysterious creatures, fishing, keeping fish, computer games (about pirates or zombies mainly. He likes to shoot up things*lol*). He also likes to solve jigsaw puzzles with me and to solve crosswords.

He just bought a tablet so perhaps i could find him something nice for that? I just don't know what it should be. 

I thought about writing him a poem... but i hate poems and i think he does, too. 

Then i thought about printing out a photo of me looking all in love and making some kind of diploma out of it. 
I thought about making him a box filled with little "gift certificates" of things i could do for him (but all the things i can think of has flaws....) or i could fill the box with notes on which i'd written down stuff i love about him (but that also wouldn't be quite the right thing to give "atmosphere-wise" at his birthday... unless i gave it to him before the guests came and he then just hid it away and only talked about it).

I just feel that emotional/intimate presents are not good to give at a birthday party where everybody are getting drunk and partying. 

I don't have a lot of money and i want to make him something that lets him know that i created this item completely with him in my mind. Since the already purchased part of the present is something party-like that i bought and it also ain't really that special i want the other half to be unique. Something he can look at and/or use and know that this great item is created with the love i feel for him.... something like that. 

I really could use some help here.... what should i give my boyfriend for his birthday!?!???


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Sep. 2nd, 2013 12:56 pm (UTC)
What kind of video games does he play? Are his controllers wireless? You could get a box from Michael's or someplace like that (they have those really sturdy cardboard boxes ready to paint or put fabric or decorative paper on) and decorate it, maybe with a zombie theme and fill it with batteries for his controllers.

Does he have Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare? (You can get both together in the Game of the Year version). That would be an inexpensive addition.
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