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giftswantorneed's Journal

Gifts They Want Or Need
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a community where people can get help to find ideas for the gifts that their friends or family want or need.

You can also ask for help in what to suggest other people buy you, or if you want to buy a gift for yourself. It also doesn't have to be bought gifts, you can talk about the ones you want to make!

If it is not spam, you can share lists of gift ideas, or what you bought for someone else. For example "Gifts a 10 year old boy might like", "Fantastic ideas for teacher gifts". What constitutes 'spam' will be judged by the mods. If they're your own products (or the products of a friend) or you've posted the same products many times in a row, that's a good hint that it's spam.

Discussions or rants about buying gifts are also welcome, as are photos or descriptions of things you have received.

Make sure that you have a description! There's no point saying 'What should I get for my Dad?' without giving us any information about the sort of thing he likes or the sorts of things you do/don't want to get him.

If you ask for help, try to help other people as well.